The Internet Won't Stop Blaming Canada For The Poor Air Quality

Hundreds of forest fires in Quebec and Ontario have been worsening the air quality in many different states

New York City with orange sky due to wildfires in Canada
Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - JUNE 07: Smoke from wildfires in Canada spread badly at Times Square, known as the World Capital of New York, United States on June 07, 2023. The sky was covered with haze, while the smoke collapsing into the city drifted, causing the air to look hazy. People living in the crowded city started to wear masks by taking precautions. US scientists recommended using masks to protect themselves from air pollution and smoke. (Photo by Eren Abdullahogullari/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

New York City with orange sky due to wildfires in Canada

Hundreds of wildfires have spread across Canada causing the air quality in numerous areas to become the worst they've ever been.

While several Canadian cities have felt the effects of the fires through the smokey smell and orange skies, many American cities and towns have also begun to see the repercussions.

Yesterday, two baseball games, one in New York and the other in Philadelphia, were postponed because of the poor air quality.

Now it seems like Americans are effectively blaming Canada for the fires and the air quality.

The front page of the New York Post quite literally states "Blame Canada!"

Today's cover: Air quality in NYC worst since 1980s — worse than after 9/11

— New York Post (@nypost) June 8, 2023
Twitter: @nypost

The infamous Dude With the Sign also got in on the action.

On TikTok, many people have complained that they can't go outside without coughing because of the Canadian wildfires.

Another user posted the Air Quality Index surrounding Wilkes-Barre, New York, and saw that it had been over 500 in the state and its neighbours. "Goddamn Canadians," the caption wrote.

Someone else blamed Canada for not being able to breathe in many different states like New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Back on Twitter, one user tweeted a video from a South Park episode where the characters sang a song that, well, blamed Canada.

Me stepping out to this awful air #BlameCanada

— Alexandro (@KidAndTheCity) June 6, 2023
Twitter: @KidAndTheCity

New York City continued to have the worst air quality in the world early this morning, according to MSNBC.

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