Viral Video of So-Called 'Worm Rain' Sparks Online Debate

The newly posted video, which was filmed in China, appears to show a town street covered with worms. Experts and internet users have a few theories.

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It’s raining worms in Northeast China—at least, that’s what some Twitter users think.

The theory was sparked by a viral video filmed in Liaoning, a Chinese province that borders North Korea. The footage was taken on a busy street, where a row of parked cars appeared to be covered with small cylindrical. Pedestrians could be seen in the backdrop while holding umbrellas, leading some to believe a “worm storm” had occurred.

I did not have « it’s raining worms » on my bingo card tbh

@nypost You remember the movie, "cloudy with a chance of meatballs?" Well someone is manipulating the weather there. It was stuck on worms.

if i was just minding my business on a casual day in China and it started raining worms ?? i’d just die

if i ever got caught in worm rain i would simply throw up

According to the New York Postsome experts suspect the worms fell onto the town street after being swept up by heavy winds. Others immediately dismissed the “worm rain” reports as a hoax, claiming the cars were actually covered with poplar flowers, which resemble elongated insects, such as caterpillars. 

Those are not worms, those are poplar trees' flowers! You moron.😂

Not my pics but those just look like catkins, not worms. They’re just little clusters of flowers from trees. Since it looks like it’s raining in the video, I’m assuming a few might have fallen off due to the extra weight from getting drenched.

@curlykrazy07 Fake News! These are not worms but inflorescences of poplar trees. This happens in spring. When poplar flower spikes start to fall, it means that they are about to bloom. It look like worms.

Local officials have yet to comment on the viral video.

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