3 Kids Kicked Out of Catholic School Over Mother’s OnlyFans Account

Three students were kicked out of Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School after their mother's OnlyFans account came to the attention of those in charge.

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Crystal and Chris Jackson were told that their three sons were no longer allowed to attend Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School because of Crystal’s OnlyFans account, KCRA3, the local Sacramento NBC affiliate reports

The couple says that they started the OnlyFans account to rekindle their relationship after Crystal went through early menopause. They then realized that her “pin-up model-style” photos and “sexy stories” did more than rebuild her confidence. The couple started pulling in $150,000 from their daily posts, but when parents at Sacred Heart Parish School caught wind of their side hustle, things got sticky.

The Jacksons claim that other parents sent the pictures to the school’s principal, Theresa Sparks. The couple also did an interview with The Sun explaining their lifestyle. Armed with these two pieces of evidence, Sacred Heart Parish requested that the Jacksons “find another school” for their children to attend. 

“Your apparent quest for high-profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook,” an email from the school read. “We therefore require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

When asked about the email, Sparks refused to comment on the students’ enrollment status. Yet, Chris Jackson thinks that the school’s decision is far from Christlike. 

“It’s tough to find the Christianity here, and that makes me sad,” he said. “The church we were married at. The church all our children were baptized at. And, is this what it is?”

“I’m still the same Crystal I was, like, two years ago, a year ago when we had coffee before you knew this,” his wife added. “Now you just are judging me.”

The family is now in search of a new school and church community. 

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