Twitter Is Having a Field Day With Trump’s Surprise Visit to Mexico (UPDATE)

Donald Trump is paying a surprise visit to Mexico, and Twitter is lighting up with mockery.

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UPDATED 7/31/16 at 7:48 p.m. ETMexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has stated that he told Donald Trump his country would not pay for the proposed border wall, despite GOP presidential nominee's claims that it didn’t come up during the meeting.​

Hillary Clinton's camp also claims that Trump "completely choked" during the meeting.

Trump's campaign responded by saying that he and Nieto "hold two different views" and would be "continuing the conversation."


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Donald Trump, the man who opened his presidential bid by calling Mexican immigrants "drug-dealers" and "rapists," is paying a last-minute trip to Mexico on Wednesday. Trump announced on Twitter late Tuesday that he'd accepted an invitation to visit south of the border by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto. 

Trump has largely built his run for the White House on the promise that he would then build a tall and "beautiful" border wall separating the United States from Mexico, repeatedly insisting that he would force Mexico to fund the construction of the wall. Trump has also stated he would deport all immigrants who are in the U.S. without the required legal documentation. The visit to Mexico comes after a recent speech where Trump noted he was open to "softer" immigration policy ideas. 

Twitter has taken note of the fact that Trump is entering a country that he's threatened and insulted for not only the last year plus of his campaign, but for many years prior. The hashtag #TrumpMexicoTripSayings has been trending throughout the day on Wednesday, with tweeters mocking Trump's trip and taking a guess as to some of the unfortunate comments Trump could make while in Mexico:

On the ground protests are underway in Mexico as well, where Trump's anti-immigration, pro-giant-border-wall rhetoric has been severely criticized from the start. 

Former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, has spoken out vocally many times about Trump's stance on Mexico, famously declaring that Mexico will "not pay for that f*cking wall." Fox spoke out regarding Trump's visit to Mexico on Wednesday tweeting:

Trump responded by claiming Fox had also invited Trump to Mexico: 

Fox then called him out for lying:

Trump is scheduled to make a campaign appearance in Phoenix after stopping in Mexico on Wednesday, where he will speak again about his immigration policy plans.

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