Botham Jean's Family Opens Up About Son's Death in PSA From Roc Nation and NFL

Botham Jean was killed by an off-duty cop in 2018.

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The family of Botham Jean has joined forces with the NFL and Roc Nation to release a PSA that will hopefully spur change in local communities. The 26-year-old Dallas man who was killed by an off-duty cop in 2018.

The mother, father, and sister of the 26-year-old Dallas man who was killed by an off-duty cop in 2018 spoke in the two-minute video, discussing why the world “lost a great man” when the police officer, Amber Guyger walked into his apartment and shot him. Bertram and Allison Jean explained that their son was “destined for greatness” and was their everything. “Life is not sweet anymore,” Bertram added.

Their story is the third installment of The Responsibility Program, a joint initiative between the producers, Roc Nation and the NFL, which have created multiple PSAs to highlight victims of police brutality. Botham Jean’s video is the first to be sponsored by the NFL.

“What I hope to see happening is that our black boys are not seen as a threat,” Allison said. Botham’s sister, Alisa Findley, added, “The color of my skin can be perceived as a weapon, and it's not.”

“I’m thankful that the NFL created this PSA to honor Botham’s legacy and deliver an important message about empathy and unity,” Botham’s sister said in a separate statement. “I truly hope that our society learns from Botham’s story—and the stories of many others—so we can make a lasting change in this world. Together, we must all set a better example for future generations and leaders.”

The parents also made note of what happened in court last October after Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Botham’s brother surprisingly told Guyger he forgave her before hugging her.

The Players Coalition released the first video that's a part of its #EveryonesChild campaign in November, which focused on Danroy “DJ” Henry, the former Pace University football players who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2010 in Mount Pleasant, New York. The second PSA was released by Meek Mill and the Dreamchasers, and retold the story of Antwon Rose 11, an unarmed 17-year-old and honor roll students who was fatally shot by a cop in 2018 in Pittsburgh.

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