Capitol Police Inform House Democrats About 3 More Plots to Take Over the Government

The Capitol Police briefed House Democrats about three possible scenarios where armed Trump insurrectionists could attempt to overthrow the government.

capitol riots dems

Image via Getty/ Jon Cherry

capitol riots dems

It appears that last Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol wasn’t the only gruesome demonstration that Trump insurrectionists had planned.

Capitol Police informed Democrats on Monday night on a private call that there could be three more possibly grim attacks happening in the coming days, Huffington Post reports. New leaders of the U.S. Capitol Police told House Democrats that they were keeping an eye on the three separate plans that could be seriously dangerous for members of Congress, particularly as Washington D.C. gets ready for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.

According to the USCP, the first is a demonstration advertised as the “largest armed protest ever to take place on American soil.” The second is a demonstration in honor of Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot while attempting to get into the Speaker’s Lobby during last Wednesday’s siege of the Capitol.

The third demonstration would comprise of insurrectionists encircling the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court, and then obstructing Democrats’ entrance into the Capitol—maybe even assassinating them—so that the government can be handed over to Trump-supporting Republicans. The rioters hoped to protect Trump in the White House and shut down the courts.

“It was pretty overwhelming,” one member of Congress—who was on the call—told HuffPost.

Officials who were on the call cautioned lawmakers about divulging too much information to the media, saying that sharing dates, times, and countermeasures could help those who are coordinating the riotous efforts. HuffPost chose not to reveal some information, like who purportedly is behind these plots and when they’re happening.

One Congress member said that these groups were trying to get reporters to cover the planned demonstrations: “Some of their main communications to organize these have been cut off, so they’re purposely trying to get the media to report on this as a way to further disseminate information and to attract additional support for their attacks.”

Officials told Democrats that USCP and the National Guard were bracing for possibly tens of thousands of armed insurrectionists arriving in D.C. and were forming rules of warfare. Military and police don’t anticipate having to shoot anyone unless one of the rioters shoots first, though there could be exceptions.

Though the schemes may not take place, the USCP has created a new perimeter with fencing and razor wire, and the National Guard is now protecting the Capitol and lawmakers.

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