Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants More Members of Congress on Twitch

After a series of successful streams for charity on Twitch, AOC has indicated that she's working to get more members of Congress to use the platform.


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After a series of successful streams for charity on Twitch, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has indicated she's working to get more members of Congress involved.

In a brief chat with TMZ, AOC revealed she's actively encouraging members of Congress to join her on Twitch. She's already garnered the third-highest-viewed single stream on the platform's history, and has raised over $200,000 for COVID-19 relief since streaming the wildly popular game Among Us

"It's funny because the week after we did it, a lot of my colleagues were like, 'My kids were watching this, and what is it?'" Rep. Ocasio-Cortez explained. "Twitch is like, really new to a lot of people, and especially new to my colleagues, so I'm excited. Maybe we'll be able to have some people on."

She added that the majority of people using Twitch are of voting age, and it's good to engage with these people on such an open and easy-to-use platform.

Just last month, AOC was able to help raise $200,000 for eviction defense, food banks, and more with just one stream of Among Us.

"This is going to make such a difference for those who need it right now," she added in a tweet. She played with the likes of Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Twitch political commentator Hasan Piker.

Amid her burgeoning success and her ever-expanding popularity, AOC has dealt with plenty of criticism. Back in October, she responded to critics of her Vanity Fair cover story wardrobe. Many right-wing shitbags were quick to call her out for wearing an outfit that runs for an estimated $14,000, seemingly ignoring how she obviously didn't get to keep the clothes she wore for the cover shoot.

Recently on 360 With Speedy Morman, President Barack Obama said he was optimistic about AOC's future. "Look, she is a talented politician and a public servant. She is charismatic," he explained. "She, I think, is articulating a vision about what a lot of young people are looking for: a more responsive, equitable economic system. And so, I like seeing the young talent that is starting to come up within the Democratic Party. You need new voices pushing the boundaries of what's possible."

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