UK Man Sentenced After Unsuccessful Bank Robbery Due to Poorly Written Note

The man’s first robbery attempt didn’t end well as he left without money when the cashier couldn’t understand his note. He was caught after his third attempt.

uk note

Image via Sussex Police

uk note

A United Kingdom man was sentenced to six years last month after reportedly going to three banks and passing notes to cashiers, demanding they hand over money.

The only problem with his plan was that his notes were hard to understand. 

Alan Slattery, 67, was sentenced after his two-week robbery stint, according to Sussex Police.

His first attempt on March 18 ended with Slattey without much to prove for it, as he left without money when the cashier couldn’t read his note. 

“Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s,” the note read. “Think about the other customers.”

According to police, Slattery robbed another bank on March 26 and left with £2,400 ($3,317). After looking at surveillance video from both instances, police said they saw him get on a bus. They were then able to get obtain photo from his bus pass.

Slattery was then arrested after a failed robbery on April 1, when he passed a note and was challenged by a cashier. He has since been charged with suspicion of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery, and pleaded guilty to all three.

He will now be behind bars for four years and on probation for two. 

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