New Jersey Woman Sues Fertility Doctor for Allegedly Impregnating Her With His Sperm in 1983

Bianca Voss claims 77-year-old Dr. Martin D. Greenberg gave her his sperm, which she found out via her 36-year-old daughter Bianca's DNA test.


Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images


A former New York OB-GYN is being sued over “medical rape” and “fertility fraud” after a woman from New Jersey is accusing him of being her daughter’s father, which she was unaware of for 36 years. 

Attorneys Jason Kane and Adam Wolf filed a lawsuit for 75-year-old client Bianca Voss Tuesday, who claims 77-year-old Martin D. Greenberg gave her his sperm, which she only learned when her 36-year-old daughter Bianca took a 23andMe DNA test. 

“Dr. Martin Greenberg inserted his own sperm into this patient, Bianca Voss. He did so without her consent and against her wishes,” the complaint reads. “Some people call this horrific act ‘medical rape.’ But regardless of the name, Greenberg’s heinous and intentional misconduct is unethical, unacceptable and illegal.”

Voss said at a Zoom press conference, according to People, that the news was “devastating” to hear from her adult daughter. 

“I wanted someone anonymous,” Bianca Voss told reporters, according to NBC. “He did say, ‘Do you mind the donor is Jewish?’ And I said ‘no’ and that was it. I kind of thought it might be a medical student from the hospital, but that was it. And then he asked me for the check for $100 to cover the donor, his inconvenience.”

The complaint filed in the the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York has the former doctor being sued over battery, fraud, intentional misrepresentation, negligence and “negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Voss wants a jury trial as well as an undisclosed amount of money—“the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000, exclusive of interest and costs”—and the man’s medical records. 

“It’s horrifying to look in the mirror and see the person who violated my mother and I see his face every time I look in the mirror,” Roberta shared. “I’m in turmoil about who I am, what this means and what kind of person would do this? And is that a part of who I am? And what about my son?”

Greenberg reportedly did not respond to NBC’s request to comment. 

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