Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Win Indiana Primary (UPDATE)

It's a major win against Ted Cruz.

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UPDATE 9:10 P.M. ET:

After an intense too close to call race Bernie Sanders has emerged as the winner of the Indiana Democratic primary. Sanders won with 53.3 percent of the vote, according toThe Associated Press, versus Hillary Clinton's 46.7 percent. He will receive 42 of Indiana's delegates while Clinton takes 36 delegates. 

This is a much needed win for Sanders following a string of losses including the New York primary and most of the East Coast primaries

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Regardless of the many and varied insults Donald Trump and Ted Cruz lobbed at one another in the hours leading up to Indiana's primary, the New York billionaire still emerged successful. 

The Associated Press announced Trump won by 53.5% on Tuesday. He earned all 57 pledged delegates from the winner-take-all state, bringing his total up to 1,047 of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination outright. 

The win in Indiana brings him closer to earning that nomination, but it's still not a guarantee. As a result, Cruz has promised to remain in the race and continue fighting in case the Republican National Convention becomes contested and he still has a shot at the nomination. 

Following the results, Trump tweeted that Cruz might as well just drop out of the presidential nominee race. 

Lyin' Ted Cruz consistently said that he will, and must, win Indiana. If he doesn't he should drop out of the race-stop wasting time & money

Trump's win comes after Cruz and John Kasich revealed they would team up against their biggest rival in an effort to stop him. Cruz intended to focus his efforts in Indiana, while Kasich turned his attention to New Mexico and Oregon. He'll have to wait a little longer to see if he fares any better against Trump. Oregon heads to the polls on May 17, while New Mexico is one of five states participating in the very last primary on June 7. 

Nebraska and West Virginia vote next on May 10. 

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