The pro-Trump riot at the Capitol Building proved that Blue Lives only matter when they're in direct opposition to Black ones.

This was made evident by the manner in wyich terrorists attacked uniformed law officials, one of which led to an officer sustaining serious injuries. 

During the riot on Wednesday, a video surfaced of the mob crushing an officer's head between doors and ripping at his face mask. The officer was left bloody and screaming for help as the rioters cheered and continued to try to push their way into the Capitol.

Former Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner Charles Ramsey contacted Washington, DC's Metropolitan Police Department and confirmed to CNN that the officer will "be out for a while" as he recovers from non-life-threatening injuries. 

"He'll be out for a while. The officer is obviously very sore," Ramsey said. Ramsey went on to note that the MPD was not assigned to protect the door seen in the video. 

"That particular platoon came after the riot started," Ramsey explained. "They did a tremendous job. They never breached that door."

Four people, including Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, died during the attack. Also, the Chief of the Metro Police Department disclosed that 56 officers were injured along with the one in the video.