South Florida man Malachi Love-Robinson, who previously went viral for posing as 'Dr. Love' while he was a teen, has again been arrested on fraud and theft charges.

NBC Miami and NBC affiliate WPTV-TV report that Love-Robinson, who is now 23 years old, was arrested on the charges on Thursday. So far there's no further details regarding his arrest, but he was released on Thursday night. He previously posed as a doctor and ran a clinic (which was entitled the "New Birth New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic") without a license. When he was arrested by an officer who posed as a patient, he said he was "hurt" by the allegations that he wasn't a real doctor, even though he definitely wasn't a real doctor.

When the world was introduced to "Dr. Love" back in 2016, his story quickly went viral due to its absurdity. That same year, he got caught writing fake checks and was charged with grand theft, and then two months later appeared in the news again when he tried to drive off with a Lexus by faking his finances at a dealer.

In 2018, Love-Robinson cut a deal on 14 criminal charges that he was facing, pleading guilty to posing as a medical professional, fraud, and grand theft. Due to his guilty plea, he was released from prison after serving 21 months behind bars. He maintained at the time he wasn't posing as an actual doctor, but a "naturopathic physician," instead.