A Florida teen was arrested on Tuesday after an undercover operation by local authorities revealed he was reportedly practicing medicine and doing other doctorly stuff without any of the appropriate licenses, according to WPBFMalachi Love-Robinson, just 18 years old, was allegedly "advertising himself as a doctor" via Facebook and other outlets. "Just because you saw a season of Grey's Anatomy doesn't mean you could practice medicine," the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office tweeted Tuesday afternoon, presumably angering Grey’s Anatomy fans the world over.​

"I’m hurt because of all of these allegations," Love-Robinson told WPBF. "This is not the first time I have been accused and I will pursue this, and when I do, you will be the first to know." According to local authorities, the Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force and the Florida Department of Health hit Love-Robinson with an undercover operation on Tuesday using a county official. The official, a Sheriff's office agent, pretended to be a patient and ultimately ended up receiving "medical advice" from the allegedly fake doctor.

Love-Robinson was promptly arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license, with NBC Washington reporting he was held on $6,000 bail with no attorney listed. The suspect's office, dubbed the New Birth New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic, reportedly boasts a staff of "alternative medicine professionals."

Back in January of last year, Love-Robinson was also accused of posing as a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center when he was just 17. "I requested to shadow physicians," Love-Robinson told reporters of that incident, insisting he wasn't pretending to be a medical professional. "Next thing I know, cops are there. That’s all I know."