A Pensacola police officer saved a woman who attempted to jump off a Florida bridge, which was recorded on the cop’s body cam.

TMZ reports that Pensacola Police Department officer Lana Chechak was called to the Cervantes Street Bridge after reports came in of a woman sitting on the overpass’ railing. In the footage, Chechak tells the woman she’s a police officer as the woman cries and paces on the sidewalk.

When Chechak asks the woman if she’s okay, the woman mumbles something. Chechak asks if the woman had been sitting on the bridge’s railing and then, suddenly, she lunges towards the edge of the overpass. The cop responded quickly by pulling her off the ledge and asking her to get down and roll over.

According to the police, the woman was taken into protective custody and checked out at a mental facility. The woman—who hasn't been identified—wasn’t arrested or charged for the attempt, and neither she nor the cop were injured on the bridge. No further details have been shared about the incident. Police say the event took place two weeks ago but the body cam footage was only just released to the public. Mike Wood with the Pensacola PD credits Chechak for the rescue.