Rudy Giuliani has nowhere to hide and it's clearly making him irate. Most recently he got in a shouting match with Kennedy, the former VJ turned news anchor in the formerly friendly confines of the Fox Business network. The tense interview broke down multiple times over questions about his Hunter Biden opposition research dump and a questionable scene in the new Borat movie where the 76-year-old Trump lawyer goes into a hotel room with a woman referred to as a 15-year-old throughout the film. 

The interview jumped off track when Kennedy questioned Giuliani on his allegations against Hunter Biden, son of presidential candidate Joe Biden. Kennedy compared the unverified aspects of Giuliani's allegations to the famous Steele dossier. That report claimed that Donald Trump was compromised by Russian agents who had recorded him having kinky sex. Giuliani exploded at being compared to Christopher Steele and demanded an apology. 

“You better apologize for that!” Giuliani said. “I’ve been a United States attorney, associate attorney general, mayor of New York City and a member of the bar for 50 years. I’ve never been accused of anything, and you’re accusing me of being Christopher Steele.” 

Though he threatened multiple times to end the interview, Giuliani stayed on until the end of the segment. And Kennedy continued to hammer Giuliani, asking him about his involvement with Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. When the host asked Giuliani if he regretted going on camera with the pair behind the movie, he called it a "stupid question."

Kennedy countered that she wanted an answer because she herself has a 15-year-old daughter and was "grossed out" by the scene. Giuliani stuck to his story, claiming he was merely tucking in his shirt and not touching himself inappropriately in the damning segment.