Police violations are certainly no new subject matter in 2020, and the New York Police Department is the latest to infringe upon its own codes when they openly attempted to convince people to vote for Donald Trump

Over the weekend, footage surfaced of police officers in Flatbush, Brooklyn using the patrol vehicle's loudspeaker to rally re-election votes behind Trump. 

As one can imagine, the move isn't only unprofessional and unethical, it's also against the rules. Per Newsweek, the department's "prohibited conduct" patrol guide states that officers are not allowed to endorse or support any specific political candidate or anyone who holds public office. The officers' blatant choice to ignore these guidelines raised concerns from viewers.

The officers were from the city's 70th Precinct. A representative for the precinct told Newsweek that the department is aware of the incident but did not disclose if disciplinary actions were taken. The NYPD also didn't reveal the name of the officers who were in the video.

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