It was a sweet sweet fantasy for those living in the town of Olten, Switzerland. On Tuesday, residents were shocked to discover fine particles of cocoa powder falling from the sky after the ventilation system at a nearby chocolate factory malfunctioned, the New York Daily News reports. In other words, it was snowing chocolate! 

Photos from the day show a thin layer of chocolate accumulating on cars near the factory. According to multiple reports, Lindt & Spruengli later confirmed that there was a minor defect of the cooling ventilation system in an area of the factory making roasted “cocoa nibs.” Fortunately, the malfunction poses no risk to anyone’s health and the light chocolate snow is considered harmless to people and the environment. 

The roasted nibs, which are fragments of crushed cocoa beans, serve as the basis of Lindt’s chocolate products. Sadly it seems like this won’t be a regular occurrence, and the ventilation system has already been repaired. 

The dessert company has offered to pay for cleaning if needed, but it seems like no one has taken them up on that offer. Meanwhile, those of us not lucky enough to look outside and see chocolate flurries can only dream of a miracle as sweet as this.