UPDATED 8/20, 3:40 p.m. ET: The Georgia teachers who created the viral remix appeared on Good Morning America to explain the message behind their song.

“We wanted to basically just motivate, not only our students, our teachers, but our community,” Callie Evans said. “We have a lot of people that lost their lives and I’m sure the students were discouraged to even come to school in those circumstances. We wanted to just show them how important it is to overcome adversity, to push through no matter what, and no matter where you’re from, you can always be motivated and take it to the top.”

Jack Harlow also surprised both women by making an appearance on the talk show: “I can't even tell y'all how amazing you are,” he told Evans and Audri Williams. “Thank you for making my song better, you killed it. I love you guys.” He also said he's giving them each a $1,000 gift card to “treat yourselves to whatever you guys want.”

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It’s a stressful time to be heading back to school. Teachers, students, and parents are facing tough decisions as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Whether schools conduct in-person classes or remote learning, it’s clear the 2020-2021 school year is going to look very different from years prior. 

But that’s not stopping Monroe High School teachers Callie Evans and Audri Williams from getting their students fired up for the upcoming year. The Georgia teachers came through with matching outfits and back-to-school bars on a hard remix of Jack Harlow’s summer hit “What’s Poppin?” 

“Tomorrow is the first day of virtual school !! With all the uncertainty these past few months have brought, I want to be able to get my students excited for what’s to come,” Evans wrote of her performance, which has now gone viral. “You all will still be great despite what we’ve been through. Let’s have a great year !!”

In two videos, shared on their respective Instagram pages, Evan and Williams go in while rapping about remote learning, motivating their students to succeed despite the ongoing pandemic. 

“No COVID-19, I ain’t worried about a thing, when it come to me ain’t no stoppin’,” Williams raps on her verse.

The teachers performed the remix in the empty halls of Monroe High School with the help of the cheer team, all while sporting their school’s gold and green colors. 

“COVID-19 had us stressed but it’s nothin’ / We gon’ overcome that’s facts no bluffin / Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep a safe distance / Cause I really thought a pandemic said sum,” Evans raps. 

This should serve as a reminder that our teachers are talented in numerous ways, and we should be giving them everything they need to conduct the upcoming school year safely.