With less than three months until Election Day, Complex Networks is using its wide reach to encourage political engagement and voter turnout.

Today, the media company launches its Pull Up & Vote platform that aims to educate millennial, Gen Z, and BIPOC audiences about the upcoming election, such as voter registration and where the candidates stand on key issues like immigration and student debt. The Pull Up & Vote platform will present daily editorial coverage, weekly social series, and new Complex World episodes relevant to the 2020 race. There will also be a #PullUpAndVote campaign in which social media users can explain why they're voting in November.

"This presidential election will be decided by young and diverse audiences: the same groups that influenced the outcome of the 2018 midterms and are also Complex Networks' most engaged communities," Christian Baesler, Complex Networks President, explained. "However, we also recognize there's a large swath of young voters, including our own, who are politically disengaged... We believe we have a moral and civic duty to educate and motivate them to understand the issues, register to vote, and vote in what will be the most consequential election of our lifetime."

Complex Networks is teaming up with Crooked Media's Vote Save America to share election information and deliver a multi-part live conversation series focused on social and political issues.

"Young people have the power to decide the outcome of this election, but only if they turn out to vote," said Shaniqa McClendon, Crooked Media's Political Director. "That’s why Vote Save America is excited to partner with Complex Networks on Pull Up & Vote, to ensure that all people—especially young people—have the resources and information they need to get active and make an informed decision at the ballot box. The country can’t afford for young voters to sit this election out, because they will determine the direction of the nation for decades to come."

You can learn more about Pull Up & Vote here.