To say the absolute least, 2020 has been a deeply tiring amalgam of horrors. And with news of the COVID-19 pandemic and police escalation against protesters still gripping the U.S., it's admittedly daunting to imagine we must also endure a presidential election this year.

But it's those concerns that make this year another crucial one for Americans, many of whom have lost jobs or even loved ones in recent months. Hopefully, voters are keeping tabs on continued suppression efforts that have marred elections of the past, as well as seeking out the safest way to cast a ballot in their respective region as the virus is currently showing no signs of subsiding in the States.

Crooked Media's Vote Save America has stepped up with a "one-stop-shop" for those looking for voter registration and engagement info by putting together a hub that boasts all the tools voters may need, including options to:

  • Request your vote-by-mail ballot early.
  • Volunteer to call young voters in key battleground states to discuss vote-by-mail info.
  • Donate to on-the-ground groups who are working to mobilize diverse voters.
  • Volunteer as a poll worker if healthy and able.

The site also provides help with voter registration, candidate rundowns, polling place locations, deadlines, and more for the 2020 presidential election that will be held on Nov. 3.

Below, see where your state stands with regards to putting the vote-by-mail option to use. Some states still require an excuse to be given in order to vote with this method, while others are allowing exceptions related to COVID-19 concerns.

Image via Crooked Media

And for state deadlines on requests for vote-by-mail ballots, see below:

Crooked Media
Image via Crooked Media

Concerned about your ballot not being counted due to it being received late? In a statement to CBS This Morning, the Postal Service said it "recommends that voters request their ballots at least 15 days before Election Day and mail their completed ballots at least one week before the due date. The Postal Service also recommends that voters contact local election officials for information about deadlines."

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