The debate over wearing masks in public is getting deadly. Not just because people with masks are less likely to transmit COVID-19, but they are also less likely to pull out guns because of them. One man in Florida pulled out a handgun on a man with his daughter after getting into a dispute over face masks. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office posted photos of the incident asking for assistance locating the man. According to an update of the post, the man has since been identified.

In footage of the event, a shopper and his daughter approach the man without a mask and the two men converse. Shortly after, the unmasked shopper flips his middle finger before pulling out a handgun. According to the Associated Press, the man also threatened another individual before eventually leaving the store.

Nothing about this incident is surprising, given that people have previously attacked bus drivers and old ladies over their right not to wear a mask and get everyone sick. This news comes after Walmart announced its decision to require masks in its stores nationwide, and as Florida becomes "the next Italy" with record-breaking COVID-19 cases. 

Y'all please just...wear a mask?