A group of men in the city of Bayonne, France attacked a local bus driver after they were asked to wear masks. According to a report from the Guardian, Philippe Monguillot, the 59-year-old bus driver, later died after being declared brain dead.

The attack took place on Sunday, after Monguillot refused to let a group of people on the bus because they were not wearing face masks. In France, masks are mandatory on public transportation as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The four men, three of whom were not wearing masks, then attacked Monguillot before fleeing to one of the men’s apartments. 

Following the attack, Monguillot was pronounced brain dead on Tuesday and later died on Friday. 

French prosecutors have now charged two of the men with attempted murder. The other two men were charged with “non-assistance to a person in danger” and one was charged with “attempting to hide a suspect,” according to the Guardian

“There were insults and then shoving. The bus driver was pushed out of the bus. Two individuals then violently kicked and punched the upper part of his body, including his head,” assistant prosecutor Marc Mariee said during a press conference. 

Monguillot’s death prompted outrage in the community, as he left behind his wife and three children. On Wednesday, his family, other bus drivers, and protesters marched from the bus stop where the attack took place in his honor. 

"I will fight to the end, I have strength in me, I have almost no more tears," his wife Veronique said during the march. "I'm angry and I'm going to go. I am not afraid, justice is with me. The justice will help me to avenge my husband."