A New York police officer was placed on administrative leave this week after he filmed himself performing an offensive rap that included lines about transgender people, Hillary Clinton, the coronavirus, and Jeffrey Epstein.

The video, which was posted on social media, shows New Paltz officer Robert Sisco sitting in what appears to be a police vehicle at night. The uniformed officer begins to play a beat, before looking into the camera and delivering his lines.

"Hey, hi, hello, this is officer Bob/Last name Sisco, first name Rob," he begins. "I’m a man of many talents, so many talents in fact/I know you’re thinking that I’m black so, of course, I can rap."

He continues: "... Spit facts over feelings because your feelings are irrelevant/There’s only two genders and Trump's still your president/Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina/This whole coronavirus was sent here from China/Hillary is Killary we all know the reason/Where those emails at? We should hang her for treason/I try to keep calm cause it's good for my health/But we all know Epstein didn't kill himself."

The video sparked outrage across the community, with many residents demanding the officer's termination. The Town Board of New Paltz responded to the video in an Facebook post Tuesday, confirming the officer was placed on administrative leave as the PD investigates the incident.

"We are so sorry that the trust of many in our community has been broken and that their safety feels threatened. No one in our town should have to feel that way about our police," board members wrote. "The New Paltz Police has initiated an internal investigation and will be working closely with the Police Commission to explore and direct responsive action in this matter, in the meantime we have placed the officer on administrative leave. We are all committed to repairing trust with our New Paltz transgender and LGBTQ+ community members."