Apple's iPhone Flip has generated a lot of buzz this month. And there's no indication it even exists.

Rumors of a foldable model surged last year after the tech giant reportedly filed trademark applications that included images of a "clamshell style smartphone with multiple layers of functional components." Some are convinced Apple will introduce its first iPhone Flip sometime in 2021, however, the company has yet to confirm such plans. As costumers and tech-lovers hold their collective breath, a number of concept videos have surfaced showing what the iPhone Flip could possibly look like; the latest of which comes from Apple news YouTube channel #iOS Beta News. And we have to admit, it's really good.

The nearly two-minute video showcases the mockup in open and compact form from every angle. Much like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip, the prototype folds horizontally and has a small secondary screen on one side of the closed phone. It also features a rear quad-camera setup with a LiDAR depth sensor. The device also ditches the traditional iPhone notch at the top of the internal screen, and instead features a pin-hole camera for selfies.

You can check out the iPhone Flip video above.