While it's still unknown how this global pandemic will impact our lives in the future, there is one form of entertainment that could be changed forever. 

Sources tell TMZ that strip clubs are going to be taking a different approach after the lockdown is lifted. Insiders believe that clubs will start implementing stricter sanitation policies. Everyone will be expected to wear a mask and gloves, including the dancers. Also, club capacities will change for both workers and guests. 

However, the biggest change would come if a no-contact policy is implemented. Some clubs have already limited touching for the worker's safety. But if they ban contact altogether, this would end the illustrious era of lap dances. 

So far, no laws have been drafted for club owners to follow once businesses start to reopen. So these business owners are putting together "contingency plans" as they wait to see what these regulations will be. But either way, they'll be forced to bend to the will of their local governments and the CDC. 

These pending regulations and the lockdown due to the coronavirus have jeopardized this industry. Historically, businesses that make their money from "prurient sexual nature" have been prohibited from receiving certain loans. This makes getting government-funded stimulus loans and checks more difficult for strippers, strip club owners, and other legal sex workers. Scott Lizza—who owns Monroe's Strip Club—explains to Buzzfeed that these restrictions have led to "complete devastation."

"You’re dehumanizing people," Lizza said. "Even though you do everything right, we’re not going to help you."