Citizens are not happy with the way the government is handling the coronavirus outbreak. This prompted a group of protesters to go to dramatic lengths to show their discontent. 

On Thursday, the "People's Motorcade" began in Washington, D.C. The participants of this protest decided to lay black plastic bags filled with cardboard outside the Trump International Hotel. These faux body bags were meant to represent victims of the coronavirus who have died due to President Trump's perceived mismanagement of the pandemic. 

Other protesters participated from a safe distance. They held signs outside of their car and listened to speeches broadcasted over Zoom conference calls.

According to the Washington Post, the protest was organized by the Center for Popular Democracy. Jennifer Flynn Walker, the group's senior director of mobilization and advocacy, explained to the Post that they are "angry at Trump, but mostly we're trying to save the lives of our neighbors and our friends." 

"We needed to do something to show that most of the country believes in science, thinks that Trump is failing," Walker said per HuffPost. "We really do see that tens of thousands of people dying from COVID is a direct result of his failure as a leader."

As of Saturday, America's coronavirus death toll has surpassed 53,000 people. This tally comes less than three months after the first confirmed coronavirus death in the United States was recorded. Despite this, several states are working on plans to reopen businesses to jump-start their economies.