Over the weekend, a senior citizen desperate enough for beer that she made a sign that said "I NEED MORE BEER!!" went viral, presumably due to her relatable predicament, or perhaps just the freakin' novelty of it. The picture, which was taken by a relative, racked up more than 11,000 likes on Facebook, and was seen by more than 4 million people. Here's hoping this doesn't spawn a line of nonagenarian influencers, but still it's nice as a one-off thing. 

That senior citizen is 93-year-old Olive Veronesi, and she was snapped posing with her white-boarded message and a Coors Light can while social distancing in her Seminole, Pennsylvania home. Here's news station KDKA with the picture which, again, was taken by a relative:

Veronesi said the image led to people making offers to get her beer. 

Right on cue, Coors Light delivered 150 beers to her house via 10 15-packs.

One would think that this will be less cute coming from someone in their mid-'30s with alcohol/anger issues, and a police record. But, hey, nothing's stopping you, give it a shot.