As a general rule of thumb, Grand Theft Auto should never be responsible for any real-life decisions. Nothing about GTA suggests that something you do in the game should be experienced in your everyday life. 

With that being said, this past weekend Lancashire Road Police in England pulled over an 11-year-old boy once they realized that the kid behind the wheel looked way too young to be driving an actual car. According to authorities, his parents were tired of him playing Grand Theft Auto all day that they "brought him out to practice driving on a car park." 

Say what you will about the child's parents, but if they have been observing what he has been doing all day long on GTA, and all they came up with was having him drive a car, it could've been a whole lot worse. It also could have been a whole lot worse for the kid's parents who were only "reported for traffic offences."

Lancashire Road Police found some humor in this bizarre incident, and were able to get in on the joke with their tweet which features a photo of the car he was driving with an image of a cop car with the word "BUSTED" in a font that's clearly referencing the popular video game.  

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