If you've never taken a bath in a tub full of a snack known for both its manufactured heat and its equally manufactured cheesiness, then you're purportedly missing out.

This proposed moment of relaxation comes from Twitter user @sp00kynugget, who shared a brief clip earlier this week which seemingly shows a tub full of Hot Cheetos and a champagne flute full of, I don't fucking know, juiced Hot Cheetos perhaps?

Naturally, as spotted by the Daily Dot and others this week with presumably high amounts of glee, a relaxing Cheetos bath isn't going to simply go documented on Twitter without some commentary that's subsequently embedded into articles like this one to boost word count.

Anyway, in keeping with the theme, last August we learned that a Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie was real and would be directed by Eva Longoria. Fox Searchlight’s tentatively titled Flamin' Hot is a biopic, with a story focused on Flamin' Hot Cheetos creator Richard Montanez.

Also worth mentioning is that time Lil Xan claimed to have gone to the hospital for Flamin' Hot Cheetos over-consumption reasons.