A shootout between several law enforcement agencies and two armed robbers led to the death of a UPS employee and a bystander on Thursday.

Now, some grim statistics about the incident have been revealed. A total of 19 officers, from five different agencies, shot at the carjacked UPS truck, CBS Miami reports. Officers came from Miami Dade PD, Pembroke Pines, Florida Highway Patrol, and Miramar. While exact the number of shots fire isn’t known, the total could be over 200 rounds.

The UPS driver, 27-year-old Frank Ordonez, was on his knees while the shooting occurred, and the innocent bystander, 70-year-old Richard Cutshaw was shot while sitting in a car at the intersection where the shootout took place. Ordonez, Cutshaw, and both suspects were killed, per CNN.

Ordonez, who was the father of two young girls, was “outgoing and happy,” according to his brother. He was covering a route for a driver who had called out.

UPS has issued a statement on Twitter: “We are deeply saddened to learn a UPS service provider was a victim of this senseless act of violence. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of our employee and the other innocent victims involved in the incident. We appreciate law enforcement’s service and will cooperate with authorities as they continue the investigation.”

However, many aren’t taking the statement lightly and are calling out the police and UPS.

The car chase took place on Thursday after two suspects tried to rob a Regent Jewelers shop in Miami. The suspects stole Ordonez’s UPS truck, and then took him hostage and drove away. Dozens of police officers and vehicles went after the truck as it made its way through traffic. The chase came to an end when the UPS truck stopped traffic at an intersection. Police then approached the truck and drew their weapons, using civilian cars as cover.

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