Friday morning brought the collision of two Carnival Cruise Line ships at a port in Cozumel, Mexico.

A Carnival Legend ship was struck by a Carnival Glory ship, per the Miami Herald's account of the aquatic misfortune, only to then "narrowly" miss also striking a Royal Caribbean Cruises-operated Oasis of the Seas ship.

At the time of this seemingly improbable event, the Carnival Legend and Oasis ships were docked, while the Carnival Glory ship was attempting to join them. At least two decks on the rear of the Carnival Glory were damaged, though a Carnival Cruise Line rep told the Herald that a proper damage assessment was ongoing as of Friday morning. The damage will not halt any planned trips for either ship.

As for the two-ship hit’s impact on passengers, one person was injured, though that injury is not believed to serious in nature.

The international Carnival Cruise Line, per Cruise Market Watch, is the largest such travel provider in the world.