Airbnb has announced that the company will ban party houses and crackdown on those who exhibit "abusive host and guest conduct." 

The company's CEO Brian Chesky revealed the news on Twitter. Chesky says that Airbnb will expand its manual screening of "high-risk" reservations, take "immediate action against users who violate these enhanced guest policies," and create a "party house" rapid response team for those who break these rules. 

This move is a response to the shooting that took place in Orinda, California. The incident happened at a Friday Halloween party and left five people dead. According to the Contra Costa Sheriff's office, more than 100 people from the Bay Area converged on the home for the Airbnb gathering.

The customer allegedly told the homeowner, Michael Wang, that they wanted to have a family reunion at the residence. The party violated the renter's policies as Wang specifically banned parties, weapons, and marijuana in his description.