"This was definitely one for the ages." 

Stu Mundel, aerial photo journalist for KCAL and KCBS, perfectly summed up a police chase on Wednesday that lasted an hour, and ended with the suspect surrendering after he exited his stolen California Highway Patrol vehicle. According to KTLA 5 News, authorities were initially trying to stop the driver for suspected reckless DUI when he carjacked a pickup truck to aid in his escape. 

The video up top shows the driver absolutely zooming down the road, which led to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. Derrick Ballentine later revealing that their pursuit was actually called off at the time. Shortly after the 2-minute mark, the stolen pickup truck crashes after veering off the road.

After the cloud of dirt dissipated, the driver emerged from the pickup truck, walked around the front of the vehicle, and wrapped his arms around the person who came out of the passenger side door. The suspect then left that person behind and started to wander aimlessly before approaching an abandoned CHP car at the 4-minute mark.  

The man climbed into the CHP vehicle and sped off again. With his GTA wanted level now certainly maxed out, he was able to evade authorities for nearly 20 minutes until his car got stuck trying to hop a curb. The suspect put his hands up, got down to the ground, and finally surrendered. 

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