With the arrival of October, people across the United States hoping for sweater weather are being severely disappointed (and alarmed). As reported by ABC News, cities throughout the nation have reported the hottest October day on record for Oct. 1. Nashville, Indianapolis, Huntington, Pensacola, and Mobile have all reached highs over 90 degrees farenheit. 

The hottest of the cities was Nashville, which reached 98 degrees. The hot weather hit across the Midwest and the South, while cities further west experienced more fall-appropriate weather—Minneapolis had a high of 55 degrees, and Chicago reached 83. The heat moved further toward the East Coast on Wednesday, sustaining the high. As a result of the heatwave, the Columbus City Schools in Ohio have canceled all classes and after-school activities.

The extreme contrast is further highlighted by the snow that hit Montana at the end of September.

Residents from New Mexico to Michigan have also experienced a wave of flood alerts, while New York residents will have to wait just a bit long before they can really start dressing for fall.

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