Chick-fil-A employee in Virginia went above and beyond his job description to salvage a woman's day. 

Last week, Shauna Hall shared a story on her Facebook page about how a Chick-fil-A worker rescued her phone from a storm drain. According to Hall's story, she was exiting her car with her son in the restaurant's parking lot, when her phone fell into the drain. Luckily, this particular Chick-fil-A's digital marketing director, Seth, saw her in distress and decided to leap into action. 

Seth initially called emergency responders in the hopes that they would come and help. But when they hung up on him, Seth took matters into his own hands. As the story goes, Seth noticed that the manhole cover wasn't bolted down. He sliced his hand while trying to lift off the cover, but after dressing his wounds, he climbed into the drain and retrieved Hall's phone. "I was so thankful I freaking hugged him," Hall's Facebook post reads. "Not only did he slice his finger and was filthy from laying on the ground and climbing in the hole, I find out he had actually just gotten off shift and was still willing to help me."

Seth asked Hall to take a picture of him in the drain so he could show his girlfriend what he did at work. Hall's Facebook post has since been shared over 12,000 times.