The ABC network and Republican pissants are being rightfully called out for an ad that aired during Thursday's Democratic debate featuring the burning of an image of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The 30-second ad, per The Hill, aired on a Sinclair-owned D.C. area ABC affiliate (and reportedly elsewhere) and was made by the Elizabeth Heng-operated super PAC New Faces GOP. The TV spot sees a photo of AOC being burned to reveal a depiction of skulls and skeletons. In the narration, Heng says some inane but very-on-brand-for-Republicans shit about socialism.

"Know that this wasn't an ad for young conservatives of color—that was the pretense," AOC said on Twitter following the airing of the ad. "What you just watched was a love letter to the GOP's white supremacist [base]."

In her own remarks on the ad, Heng—whose Twitter bio also says some shit about socialism—again mentioned socialism.

AOC, meanwhile, has garnered a wave of support from those who also opposed the ad's violent messaging.

United behind the #BoycottABC hashtag, critics questioned how the ad made it on the air to begin with while pointing out the issues on which Republicans would be better served spending their time.

Rep. Ilhan Omar was among those who condemned the ad, stating "this garbage" should be pulled from circulation with an apology issued to AOC. It was also noted by others that the Sinclair-backed ABC affiliates in question have a history of such things.

This is quite notably far from the first time AOC has been made the target of alarming tactics from those on the Trump-worshiping side of the ideological battle in which we currently find ourselves. Back in July, a Louisiana area cop by the name of Charlie Rispoli took to Facebook—the usual locale for such idiocy—to suggest that AOC should be shot. Rispoli and another officer who liked the post, Angelo Varisco, were later fired.

The fuel for such behavior, as AOC said after the Facebook incident in July, is the rhetoric favored by Trump himself.

"The President is sowing violence," she said at the time.