While Popeyes is having a week likely enviable to all other providers of fast or fast-adjacent food, the general vibe surrounding Jimmy John's is noticeably nowhere near as inspired. In fact, despite the age of the photo that's circulating of Jimmy John's founder James John Liautaud, it's hard to imagine a worse or more sudden turn of events for a company perhaps most known for providing arguably passable takes on handheld food items.

Indeed, a photo that's already been highlighted by PETA via a blog post earlier this year regained some traction this week thanks to some timely tweets:

The arguably just-as-troubling fact that people still eat at Jimmy John's aside, the photo—which does indeed depict a dead elephant—has given rise to boycott calls.

At any rate, PETA broke it down a bit further back in April.

"Boycotting Jimmy John's is a great way to take a stand against hunting, and other sandwich shops make it easy with their delicious, animal-friendly options," a PETA rep suggested, noting that the practice of killing elephants and whatnot is merely the "violent pastime" of Liautaud types.

But for real, people were actively eating at Jimmy John's all this time?