What do you do after staring down a gunman threatening to take your life if you don't hand over the cash? Call him a bitch, if you're the Jimmy John's employee who went viral for remaining calm during a recent robbery attempt.

Tuker Murray, the Assistant GM at a Jimmy John's shop in Kansas City, Missouri explained why he kept such a calm demeanor during the robbery of his store. As he told TMZ, the suspect did not come off as all that threatening:

He ordered a Slim Two, which is just roast beef and bread, and then he asked for what type of cheese I had, and he was like, "Ah yeah let me get some cheese then.' Then he ordered chips too, and then proceeded to try to rob me like a bitch.

I wasn't really that worried about it to be honest, he didn't seem that intimidating I guess. I just wasn't that scared. If I had known 100 percent that the gun was jammed, I probably would have grabbed it out of his hand whenever he leaned over the counter like that. He was like, all the way over, off-balance.

The jammed gun—which many people pointed out when the initial story broke—doesn't make this any less badass of a story. Murray's disinterested approach to the situation may have even been a little reckless; after speaking to KCPD, he found out the robber, 54-year-old Terry Rayford, had committed something like 12 other robberies and had spent time in prison previously. Other people in the same situation might have wilted, regardless of whether the gun was jammed or not. 

Though that may have been the case, Murray says you wouldn't have been able to tell from Rayford's actions whether he was a first-timer or a robbery veteran. He referred to the robbery of his Jimmy John's store as "amateur hour."

Hey, if you come out of a robbery this unfazed, you're allowed to talk as much trash as you want. A guy with crisis-management skills like this probably deserves a promotion from Jimmy John's, though we wouldn't advise always remaining so apathetic when a gun is being waved in your face.