When it came to the general public, Google Glass didn't fare so well. Turns out it was better in theory than practice (more on that below). But the tech giant is doing their best to adjust to that unfortunate (for them) development, and has instead switched it up to market itself as a tool designed specifically for businesses.

Now plans for this move had leaked weeks ago, but on Monday Google officially announced a new version of their connected AR headset, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which look like normal (if not a little dorky) glasses with a camera and magnifying glass on one side. Gaze upon them:

It also means that businesses can order them starting today. They are set to retail for $999.

CNN reports that this latest version will feature a mini projector that shows images directly in front of the wearer's eye. It will also have an improved camera, increased battery life, and a port for quicker charging, amongst other features. The team behind the new Glass also worked in tandem with Smith Optics to build special safety frames so that they can be used in more work environments. Plus it can run on Android.

The original Google Glass came out in 2013 but was discontinued just two years later when beta versions tanked due to its awkward design, $1,500 price, and concerns over privacy.

Google instead pivoted to marketing to businesses, and the glasses gained traction in the manufacturing and logistics industries, and also became a fairly popular tool for surgeons. So if you're in any of those industries this could be big. Otherwise it might not constitute a huge development.