A wild leopard strayed into a residential area of Jalandhar city in India on Thursday, injuring four people before its ultimate capture hours later. 

The wild animal was reportedly discovered after it entered a house. The Forest Department officials were promptly called thereafter, using a tranquilizer gun to anaesthetize the animal as well as a net to restrain its movement. Once the animal appeared to be sedated, trained officials approached it—and the leopard quickly rose and ran away.

Upon escaping, video footage shows the leopard lunging toward those attempting to capture it, as well as indivuals running away in a field. Once the animal entered another home, forest officials began prepping another dose of sedative. According to The Tribune, it took seven hours to apprehend the leopard, which remains cornered in the wash room of a locked house. 

Kuldeep Kumar, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, issued an update on the animal's capture. “Most probably the leopard has strayed here from Punjab Shivaliks or from near rivers. Our staff has seen pugmarks of the animal near Beas too. We have tried to tranquilise the animal, which has now been cornered," Kumar explained.

Kumar also indicated that officials would medically examine the leopard before releasing it back into the wild. "Dr MP Singh, Senior Veterinary Officer from Chhatbir, will soon reach the spot and see if more dose can be given. After rescuing him, we will examine if he has any injuries and needs care. We may keep him for some days, if required," he continued. 

None of the individuals attacked by the leopard are facing serious injuries.