A word of advice: don't name your gym "24 Hour Fitness" if you don't intend on staying open 24 hours a day. 

While working out at a 24 Hour Fitness in Spring, TXJonathan Santos found himself locked inside the facility after the gym's employees had left for the evening. Santos explained that before closing, he saw one of the staffers doing a final walkthrough in the locker rooms. Despite the employee acknowledging Santos' presence, when he made his way towards the exit a few minutes later, he discovered that he was locked inside the gym. 

Santos waited inside the facility for 25 minutes before a representative from another one of the gym's locations arrived to let him out. As expected, the Internet had a field day after Santos' brief confinement, acknowledging how the name "24 Hour Fitness" is hilariously misleading. 

At least he only had to wait 25 minutes. Many may remember the guy who got trapped inside an ATM for three hours. 

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