Former president George W. Bush is calling for an end to Donald Trump's government shutdown and he's doing so via the most effective lever of government: the pizza party.

Bush Instagram account posted a picture of him surprising his secret service personnel with pizza. Like many federal workers, they are being asked to work without pay as the government shutdown continues. 

"@LauraWBush and I are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck," he wrote. "And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them."

Without pointing fingers, Bush said that legislators need to work to end the shutdown ASAP. 

"It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown," he wrote.

It's not the first time that Bush has spoken on the Trump presidency. He joined his father in chastising Trump back in 2017. After H.W. called Trump a "blowhard," the younger Bush noted that Trump doesn't understand the importance of his position. 

"This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president,” Bush said. 

Trump attempted to use the former president in his fight for a border wall. He said that Bush, along with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, supported the idea of a wall. All three denied the president's statement