Honey Gold is recovering after an apparent attempt to take her own life.  

The adult actress revealed in a tweet on Nov. 24 that she was "struggling with my mental health and trying to deal with the trauma caused by things that have happened in my past."

Gold's friends reached out to fans and the porn community to help fund Gold's recovery. Her manager, Xhylea Weatherill, started a campaign on GoFundMe to raise $48,500 to pay for Gold's medical treatment and bills while she is incapacitated. 

"The program I need to recover is beyond my financial capabilities and I need to get help before it is too late again," Gold explained in her tweet over the weekend.

"Honey is a strong, amazing woman who has struggled with mental health like many of us and recently had a time of crisis," Weatherhill wrote on the fundraising platform. "She is such a kind, caring soul who I know has touched many lives so let’s help her get healthy so she can live healthy and happily and continue to bless us with her presence."

As of this writing, the drive has raised nearly $24,000. According to updates on the GoFundMe page, Gold's fellow performers Ryan Conner and Donny Sins paid the upfront costs of having Gold admitted to a mental health facility while they wait for the fundraising campaign to be completed. 

Several other adult entertainers either signal-boosted Gold's campaign or wished her a speedy recovery on social media. 

Gold's attempt comes at the end of a hard year for the community that saw several stars take their own lives. Most notably, August Ames killed herself after being bullied over the internet for insensitive comments that she made about male performers who make gay films.