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Multiple gunmen reportedly attacked a party of around 100 people in North Hollywood early on Sunday morning, leaving five wounded, according to KTLA.

LAPD officers arrived on the scene after responding to noise complaints at 12719 W. Tiara St. at around 1 a.m. When they arrived, they saw people running from a house as gunshots were fired. Seven people were hospitalized after the shooting, none in critical condition. Five of the seven suffered injuries from gunshot wounds, and the other two were treated for injuries they received rushing out of the site of the shooting. The victims are all in their 20s.

KTLA reports two people have been taken into custody following the shooting, but no one has yet been charged. Los Angeles Police Detective Meghan Aguilar explained the bullet casings found at the house were several different calibers, meaning there was more than one shooter. Police are still investigating the incident to try and uncover a motive for the attack.