Erykah Badu said artists are sensitive about their shit, but who knew barbers could be too—especially when money is involved.

The New York Daily News reports a Brooklyn barber allegedly threw his customer through Levels Barbershop's plate glass window in the middle of the afternoon. The reason? The customer reportedly wasn't pleased with his haircut and threatened not to pay for it. That's when the barber got mad, which led to the aforementioned throwing incident that left the customer with a bloody slash across his face.

"He didn't see the push coming," another barber, Free Small, who works at Levels told the Daily News. "All his body weight went through the window."

Small also said he didn't anticipate the situation was going to escalate like that so fast. "You don't know how bad a situation is going to get before you even react," he said "And even though you ain't mean to do it, it's done."

The barber, who remains unnamed, ran away before the police arrived while the victim was taken to Kings County Hospital. Small and the other barbers claim to not know his name or how to get in contact with him. But Small said he would have offered to help if he knew how bad it was going to get.

"I would have fixed the dude's hair for him for free. Especially if I knew it was going to be a problem," he said. "I think it's a learning experience for everybody. Communication is key."