A Brooklyn, New York woman who fled her home country of Russia after allegedly poisoning an identity theft victim was recently arrested for attempting the same crime.

On August 28, 2016, 42-year-old Viktoria Nasyrova visited her friend Olga Tsvyk in Queens to deliver a cheesecake. Both women look similar with dark hair and brown eyes. “The woman ate the cheesecake, fell ill and laid down,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown told New York Daily News. “Before passing out, [Tsvyk]’s last memory is of seeing the defendant sitting beside her inside her home.” When a friend of Tsvyk had discovered her unconscious in her bed, she was “dressed in lingerie with pills scattered around her body as if she had attempted to kill herself.” Tsvyk's passport and employment authorization card were also missing.

Law enforcement officials tested the cheesecake, which contained the Russian-made tranquilizer Phenazepan. Nasyrova was tracked down and arrested by police on March 20, 2017. Now, a Queens jury has come back with a 10-count indictment on Nasyrova with charges of attempted murder, burglary, assault, reckless endangerment, and other crimes.

Nasyrova fled to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn from Russia after allegedly killing and stealing the identity of a woman in her country. Nasyrova was reportedly able to slip away by seducing the lead prosecutor of the investigation. Once settled in the U.S., Nasyrova allegedly managed to live in the lap of luxury by drugging and robbing wealthy male victims she was involved with.

Nasyrova is due in court May 25 and faces up to 25 years in prison if found guilty.