Here's some disturbing news you probably didn't expect to read today. A U.S. tourist was questioned by police in Osaka, Japan after a woman's severed head was found in his suitcase.

The head was discovered by police in an apartment building that the man was renting in Osaka. According to BBC, the victim was a 27-year old Japanese woman who was last seen on CCTV footage walking with the suspect. The report also states that the woman told her friends she was meeting up with a man she had met on an app. There is no footage of the woman leaving the apartment. This video allegedly was not the first time that the two met. They met up earlier in February at a different location in Osaka as well.

“I never heard of trouble here, so I’m surprised,” an unidentified 73-year-old resident of the apartment building told the Japan Times.

Local news outlets in Japan are identifying the man as 26-year old New Yorker Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar. He is denying any involvement in the incident that led to the woman being decapitated but was allegedly spotted carrying a large bag out of his apartment. Besides the severed head in the suitcase, authorities have yet to find any other human remains. There is currently no further information regarding a motive for the shocking murder.