Children typically don’t take too kindly to not getting the things that they want. However, one Florida boy decided to take matters into his own hands when he crawled inside a claw-style game at a restaurant to get the stuffed toy he wanted. Oh, Florida. You never fail to disappoint.

Luckily for the boy, who’s name is Mason, an off-duty firefighter so happened to be eating at the Titusville Beef O’Brady’s where the incident occurred. Jeremy House urged someone to call 911 and his fellow firefighters to come to Mason’s rescue. Apparently, it only took them five minutes to dislodge the kid from the machine. Meanwhile, Mason just chilled TF out on top of a pile of toys, as he waited to be set free.

Battalion Chief Gregory Sutton told the Associated Press that Mason wasn’t panicked, just embarrassed. “He went in, but obviously couldn’t come back out the same way,” Sutton explained. Reportedly, Mason rejoined his family for dinner after he was rescued. What’s more, he was given a toy after the ordeal. I’m not exactly sure how that wouldn’t encourage him to perform a similar stunt in the future, but I don’t have any kids. And how did he get in in the first place!?

Anyway, the machine was minimally damaged. I cannot say the same for my faith in humanity, however.