As the saying goes, “You can never be to rich or too thin.” So when an ATM gives you too much money, that would be a good thing… right? Wrong. At least not if you’re Michael Joseph Oleksik, 23, of Merritt Island, Florida. According to Florida Today, Oleksik was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly attacking (yes, attacking) a Wells Fargo ATM that gave him “too much money.” Overdraft fees are the worst, am I right?

The fight (if you can call it that) happened on Nov. 29 in Cocoa, Florida. and was captured on surveillance video. Oleksik reportedly caused $5,000 in damages, having delivered some serious blows the machine’s touchscreen. I hate to see what this dude would do to an ATM that gave him to little cash. Anyway, here’s hoping this one gave him enough to cover that.

Once bank officials realized the extent of the damage Oleksik caused, they contacted the Cocoa Police Department to press charges. Oleksik was arrested on Friday (Dec. 23) and taken to the Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes, Florida.

If this story weren’t weird enough, Oleksik actually called the bank to apologize for punching the ATM shortly after the incident occurred, saying he was “angry the ATM was giving him too much money, and he did not know what to do.” He added that he was in a rush to get to work as well, according to Florida Today.

Oh, Florida. Never change… except your gun control laws. They definitely gotta go.