A Florida man wasn’t satisfied with the size of his meal at a local seafood restaurant last week. So he decided to handle the situation in a totally calm and completely rational manner. He called 911.

According to K5News, 51-year-old Nelson Agosto made multiple complaints about the “small” clams he was served at Crabby’s Seafood Shack, even after an employee warned him about their relatively modest size. After he expressed his dissatisfaction, the restaurant replaced the clams with new ones free of charge. But Agosto still wasn’t pleased. He then called 911 to complain about the situation, and requested an officer to meet him at the eatery.

“I called for an officer because I was just speaking to a dispatcher and I was telling her about Crabby's Seafood. I ordered something, and it was extremely so small,” Agosto told the dispatcher, before he was interrupted with instructions to call the non-emergency line.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Shortly after he hung up with 911, Agosto called again, claiming he “couldn’t get through” to the non-emergency line.

Finally, the hard-to-please man got what he wanted. Officers eventually arrived at the scene and arrested Agosto on a misdemeanor charge of misusing 911.

“It was an arrest, but the officer did not take the guy to jail,” Stuart police Sgt. Brian Bossio said.

Agosto is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 11.